Kobo Aura HD

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Ekspertanmeldelse af : Campbell Simpson (goodgearguide.com.au)

Kobo Aura HD e-reader


When it comes to reading e-books, the Aura HD is without equal

Excellent screen ; Fast; good battery life ; Simple operation

Relatively thick

Kobo's new hero e-reader has an excellent E-Ink screen, and has the best specifications of any e-reader on the market at the moment. It's slightly thicker than its competitors, but that's really the only down-side to what is an excellent device for...

Apr 2013

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Trusted Reviews (trustedreviews.com)

Kobo Aura HD


Is this the one that beats the Kindle?

Very sharp screen, Bright and even built-in light, Useful reading stats

Costs nearly as much as a tablet, No standby sync

Maj 2013

Ekspertanmeldelse af (engadget.com)

Kobo Aura HD review: a high-end e-reader with 'niche' written all over it


This reader's got solid specs, but price and size constraints will likely hamper wide appeal.

Big, high-res screen ; Strong front light ; Lots of storage for an e-reader

Pricey ; Big footprint ; Software still lacking

When Kobo first unveiled the Aura HD, it felt as though the company was shooting itself in the foot by announcing it as a limited edition, niche product. After playing around with the device, it's easy to see how the company came to that decision....

Apr 2013

Ekspertanmeldelse af (digitaltrends.com)

Kobo Aura HD Review


Excellent high-res screen ; Light evenly distributed on the screen ; Comfortable design ; Includes browser and games

Design doesn't feel premium ; Text washes out when light is at full brightness ; Light is somewhat harsh ; Screen doesn't respond consistently

The Kobo Aura HD’s high-resolution screen improves the reading experience by making fonts crisp and clear at any size. Unfortunately, the Nook and Kindle E Ink readers already do a pretty good job of this and the Aura’s display doesn’t surpass them by...

Ekspertanmeldelse af : T3 Online (t3.com)

Kobo Aura review


Can the new Kobo Aura ereader take on the Kindle Paperwhite?

Dedicated backlight button ; Pocket for reading offline ; Very compact

Glass front attracts smudges ; Store can't match Amazon ; Over-emphasis on sharing

Nov 2013

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Wired (wired.com)

Light Up My Life


Yet, Kobo lives on — not just surviving, but thriving. The Japanese company's success in the e-reader market can be pinned equally on its strong international presence and its willingness to create a product specifically tuned to the wants and needs of...

Maj 2013

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Jamie Lendino (pcmag.com)

Kobo Aura HD


Kobo strikes gold with the well-designed Aura HD, a premium ebook reader with high-quality edge lighting and a super-sharp display.

Large, sharp screen. Fast page turns. Soothing edge lighting for dark rooms. Excellent font customization options. Informative current progress display. Plenty of storage plus a memory card slot.

Thicker and heavier than competing readers, thanks to the larger screen. Hard plastic housing feels a little flimsy. Inconsistent touch response on occasion.

Tap the Aura HD's Percentage Read indicator on the bottom left screen corner, and a window pops up saying how far you are in the current chapter, along with an estimation as to how long it will take you to finish the chapter, how long the next one is,...

Apr 2013

Ekspertanmeldelse af (stuff.tv)

Kobo Aura HD Review


The limited edition hardback to the Kindle's cheaper, lighter paperback, the Aura HD is well worth considering

Kobo is going after hardcore bookworms with its latest e-reader, the Aura HD, and it's hasn't scrimped on specs to win them over. With a Kindle Paperwhite-slaying 265ppi E Ink Pearl screen, storage e

Maj 2013

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Jay McGregor (techradar.com)

Kobo Aura HD review


An ereader 'reimagined', but not really

Crisp HD screen ; Ergonomic premium design ; 2 month battery life

Touchscreen not responsive ; Sluggish interface ; Hefty price tag ; Pointless social features

If you're happy to buy into the idea that this is the ereader for more sophisticated book worm, then this is the device for you. However, the screen is often desperately, throw-it-across-the-room slow and the book store is more expensive than its...

Maj 2013

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Agnieszka Tarkowska (techadvisor.co.uk)

Kobo Aura HD review


Shaken out of its brown card box, the flagship Aura HD initially disappointed us by not having the tactile quilted feel of the Kobo Touch.

Although rather plasticky just like the Amazon Kindle, the Kobo Aura HD felt to us like a better quality product – even with all the snags and problems we experienced getting our own books onto it. In the end comfort of reading is what e-readers are...

Jul 2013