Samsung UE55NU7400 Series

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Samsung UE55NU7400 television review

  (Vurdering Skjult)

The saying goes, if it ain't broke don't fix it, but Samsung seems to have got its wires crossed. It has ditched the massively popular 6 Series and with no direct replacement, it's down to the 2018 7 Series to pull off the trickiest of balancing acts:...

Aug 2018

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Samsung UE55NU7400 review


The Samsung UE55NU7400 is a top-rated 55-inch TV for anyone on a budget. With a huge screen size, UHD HDR display, streaming content, smart looks and user-friendly interface, the NU7400 gives a lot of TV for relatively little money.

Read our in-depth review of the Samsung UE50NU7400 for more details.

Sep 2018

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Great TV


After owning this TV since November I can say it has all that I needed, great features, no need connecting extra equipment to have access to online services, the picture and sound are great. 4K channels have amazing pictures same as watching 4K on...

Jun 2019

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Overall Good


Overall its good, not the best and not the worst Samsung TV I've had, my 2017 6 Gen 50" 4K has a better picture overall, the sound is good for how thin the TV is, love the connectivity options, everything works as it should, nice to look at, viewing...

Jun 2019

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Excellent picture easy to navigate lots of features

Maj 2019

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Great picture and facilities


Got one of the last 2 of these in Richer Sounds - pleased I made the effort Programmes like Chelsea flower show look sensational.

Maj 2019

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Great tv


Very happy with my purchase would recommend any one to buy

Maj 2019

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Great picture and good black contrast


Seems a really good tv so far, minimal light bleeding on darker imagery when watching in the dark.

Maj 2019

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Great picture and sound


Over joyed with my new tv the best purchase made this year

Maj 2019

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Amazing TV


After a lot of research, this TV fell in my price bracket for the size and features I wanted. For the price I wasn't expecting it too be as amazing as it is. Screen picture quality is great and smart features work seamlessly. Would highly recommend....

Maj 2019

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