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Ekspertanmeldelse af : Matthew Bolton (

Focal Clear MG review: officially the best wired headphones at the T3 Awards 2021


The Focal Clear MG headphones are about as good as it gets for luxurious home hi-fi

Gorgeously rich and realistic sound ; Premium build quality ; Easy to drive ; Very comfortable

Open-backed has disadvantages ; Maybe not totally neutral

The Focal Clear MG headphones offer simply fantastic audio quality, and a comfortable design for long periods of listening. And they can even be driven by portable devices, though are at their best with a great hi-fi setup.

Jun 2021

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Vlad Savov (

Focal Clear review: headphones for the stylish audiophile


These $1,500 headphones from France feel and sound divine

No sibilance, no distortion, enchantingly pleasant to listen to ; Lifelike vocals and instruments ; Luxurious ear pads and enduring comfort ; Excellent carry case and cable selection

More bass would have made them perfect ; Not designed to withstand reckless use ; You’ll need a good amplifier to get the most out of them

My ultimate test for a pair of headphones is how much I want to keep listening to them after a review is complete, and right now, I don’t care to listen to anything else.

Okt 2017

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Wayde Robson (

Focal Replaces Clear with All-New Improved Clear Mg Open Back Headphones


Focal's most widely loved headphone, Clear is reaching the end of its life-cycle. But the good news is that it's being replaced by the new Clear Mg, with an updated all-magnesium dome driver.

Mar 2021

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Mel Martin (

Focal Clear Headphones Review


All these headphone designs are circumaural open back designs. They don't seal you away from your environment, and people sitting near you can hear (faintly) audio coming from the headphones.

Audio quality ; Overall build quality ; Materials chosen for the ear surrounds (memory foam) and headband (microfiber and leather) ; Cable quality and variety ; High quality carrying case ; Cables that flex more ; Included set of replaceable ear cushions

Cables that flex more ; Included set of replaceable ear cushions

Not cheap by any means, but the FOCAL CLEAR perform like much more expensive headphones. They are a tremendous value for the asking price. I really could not find fault with the sound of the Focal Clears. Other headphones may excel in the deepest...

Sep 2018

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Dagobiet Morales Alfaro (

Focal Clear Mg Review


The Focal Clear Mg are audiophile headphones with a very premium design and a comfortable fit. They're the next generation of the Focal Clear, and unlike their p...

Comfortable fit. Great overall frequency response consistency. Very well-built.

Leaks a lot of audio. Underemphasized treble range. Don't block out background noise. Bulky design that isn't very portable. No music or call controls.

The Focal Clear Mg are very good for neutral sound. They have a smooth and warm sound profile with a flat mid-range, well suited for accurately reproducing vocals and lead instruments. However, they lack a bit of low-bass, and their underemphasized...

Apr 2021

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Theo Nicolakis (

Focal Clear review: One of the finest headphones money can buy (and you'll need lots of it)


Astounding transparency, detail, clarity, and dynamics only begin to describe these cans' truly reference-quality performance.

Better sound than many $2,000 headphones we've heard ; Astounding, lush sound reproduction, with exceptional transparency, resolution, and dynamics ; Incredibly comfortable, thanks to exquisite materials and first-rate build quality

The price tag will be an insurmountable barrier for many ; Sound leakage is a downside to most every open-back headphone

Focal’s Clear open-back headphones are an astounding sonic achievement. Its name says what it does: It empowers you to hear your music clearly, without any barrier. But be warned! Auditioning Focal’s Clear headphones is like choosing the red pill from...

Okt 2017

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Trav Wilson (ecoustics)

Focal Clear Mg Open-Back Headphones: Review


Delivering a master class in sophistication, luxury, comfort, and warmth, the Focal Clear Mg Headphones are sublime design. Delivering a master class in sophistication, luxury, comfort, and warmth, the Focal Clear Mg Headphones are sublime design.

The very pinnacle of craftsmanship and build quality ; Very comfortable for extended listening sessions ; Warm and lush sound signature ; Lots of treble detail and resolution ; Controlled and punchy bass ; Efficient enough to pair well with a variety...

Treble may be rolled off for some tastes ; Warmer, non-neutral, and less detailed midrange may not suit all listeners ; Some users report extreme high-frequency pressure ; A 4-pin XLR to 6.35mm adapter would be a good inclusion as the single-ended...

Aug 2021

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Alex Bracetti (

Focal Clear review: Are these $1,500 headphones worth it?


With the Focal Clear Headphones, the only thing more high-end than the price is the sound profile.

($250) that can get the job done for a fraction of the cost, and has lots more features.

Jan 2020

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Mark Fleischmann (

Focal Clear Headphones Review


Performance Build Quality Comfort Value

Is $1,499 a lot to pay for headphones? Well, how much is a lot? Only you can make the definitive decision about what is a good buy and what would be an undue burden on your checking account. Here’s how Focal thought through the problem. This formidable...

Jun 2018

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Kenny Yeo (

Focal Clear headphones review - A perfectly balanced listening experience


The new Focal Clear headphone is the result of feedback from its earlier Elear and Utopia headphones. Does it hit a home run?

Apr 2018

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