Cowon iAudio A2

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Ekspertanmeldelse af : Dave Jansen (

iAudio A2


Sometimes you can't help but drool over a gadget with as many awesome features as the Cowon iAudio A2. When we heard about this product we thought it ...

Awesome screen, heaps of playback options, Video Recording

No stop button

The Cowon iAudio A2 is the ultimate tech-gadget for people who can afford its price tag. There is very little it cant do and even does a few things that aren't expected from a unit of its size.

Nov 2005

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Jonathan Bray (

Cowon A2 30GB Portable Multimedia Player


With Cowon's increasing market presence is this just another one of them PMPs or is it a winning choice?

It also has an FM tuner where the Archos doesn't, and support for video and audio formats is superior to much of the opposition off the peg too. Not only are MP3 and WMA supported, but also OGG, the excellent lossless codec FLAC and Musepack as well -...

Feb 2011

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Richard Baguley (

Cowon A2-20WH MP3 Player


The 20GB Cowon A2 ($380 as of 7/21/06) is an impressive audio and video player that has a big, bright, wide-aspect screen that looks great playing back videos. But it's a bulky device that won't fit into a shirt pocket.

Supports many audio and video formats ; Big 4-inch wide-aspect LCD

Limited online music support ; Roughly average audio quality

The A20 is a great pick if you regularly want to watch videos as well as listening to music. If you want to listen to music mostly, there are plenty of smaller players that can handle the occasional video. Though the A20 is impressive, it's expensive...

Aug 2006

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Richard Baguley (

Cowon A2-20WH


This multimedia player is on the large side, but it has a great-looking screen and good audio quality.

Supports many audio and video formats, Big 4-inch wide-aspect LCD

Limited online music support, Roughly average audio quality

Jul 2006

Ekspertanmeldelse af : James Kim and Stewart Wolpin (



Cowon A2

The Cowon A2 portable video player has a bright, crisp 4-inch wide-screen LCD as well as a clean, visually appealing form factor and interface. It's a performer with an excellent FM radio, great sound and recording quality, and long battery life. It...

The Cowon A2 takes a step down because it doesn't yet support Windows Media DRM. Despite a clean and attractive color interface, it has an inefficient navigation interface. Also, the Cowon A2 doesn't ship with a remote control and lacks a removable...

The Cowon A2 is a sleek portable video player with a bright, wide-screen color LCD, as well as full multimedia recording and playback capabilities, but it's not the most efficient device. Plus, it's in desperate need of Windows Media DRM 10 (Janus)...

Feb 2006

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Michael Kobrin (

Cowon A2


The Cowon A2 is a portable media player/recorder with a 30GB hard drive, a widescreen 4-inch LCD, and an integrated FM tuner. Its video and audio playback capabilities are good, the design is attractive, and the interface is fairly easy to use, but...

Clean design. Good audio quality. Built-in widescreen LCD is clear and sharp. Photos look very good. Excellent battery life.

Recorded VGA video is jumpy. Maximum video recording bit rate isn't high enough. Non-removable battery. No remote.

Though you get a lot out of this portable media player/recorder, video recording was somewhat disappointing.

Dec 2005

Ekspertanmeldelse af (

Cowon iAudio A2 review


Battery life is more than double that of its competitors and the widescreen is a joy.

Gulps straight from TV and offers dazzling widescreen performance. Come on, Cowon.

Okt 2006

Ekspertanmeldelse af : staff (

Cowon iAudio A2 review


The device for which movies really matter

Ideal for move buffs ; Good display

Awkward controls ; Music functions difficult to control

Does movies very well, the rest less so

Mar 2008

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Laiq Qureshi (

Cowon A2


Cowon's new baby to hit the Indian shores is the jazzy portable video player, the A2. There is a lot it has to offer.

Jun 2007

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Stewart Wolpin (

Cowon A2


The Cowon A2 is a sleek portable video player with a bright, wide-screen colour LCD and full multimedia recording and playback capabilities.

Outlook Portable video players are gaining momentum, and Cowon's first entry can hang with the best of them -- namely, the Archos AV500 Mobile DVRand the Creative Zen Vision. Not only can the A2 do just about anything, it has excellent battery life and...

Nov 2005

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