Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Deluxe

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brugervenlighed, pris, størrelse, design


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Ekspertanmeldelse af : Esperanza Hernández (

Fujitsu nos presentó el Scan Snap iX500, su nuevo escáner con WiFi


Esta mañana estuvimos con los chicos de Fujitsu España en un céntrico hotel de Madrid para conocer su Scan Snap iX500: El escáner con WiFi que escanea sin necesidad de PC... Aquí te contamos los detalles.

Jan 2013

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The best, but with issues


It would be great if software could "learn" or be taught common media, like the pattern of a phone bill vs. credit card bill. I wouldn't even mind being up-sold better document management software. That and barcode location and decoding would be a...

The sheet-feeding mechanism in the Fujitsu is simply the best in the industry -- they're known for it. The space-saving design is good, as is scanning to portable devices using WiFi

The software flips pages arbitrarily, often when content is short. The in and out feeds could be larger/longer as legal pages often fall on the floor ; It would be nice if it could scan "unattended" so that mail could be scanned into PC-based client...

Jun 2015

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Fantastic Scanner!


Wish it came with a management software for my PDFs - I have this scanner setup on a table at home with a spare PC. My wife and I throw our mail and receipts that we want to keep track on through it. Any mail or paper we want to keep a record of but...

Easy to install and setup ; Very easy to use ; Wife approved

Nothing major at this time, doesn't like receipts occasionally

Maj 2015

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ix500 Scansnap Deluxe


This may not be a fair appraisal of the scanner since I only had it unboxed and set up for an hour or two. I have no doubt that it might be all others have raved about. Certainly the wireless is a plus. This unit was for a home-office environment that...

Fast & wireless are the two biggies, also has usb3.0. I bought after reviewing comments and researching for some time

No "batch capability" built in to the programming through Scansnap. It also has no Twain drivers but I knew that. (but it should)

Apr 2015

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Fujitsu iX500


Fast - easy to use, compact so it doesn't take up a lot of desk space ; Love the fact that it scans both sides at the same time

None at the moment

Apr 2015

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Love it


Fast, easy to operate

Haven't found any

Mar 2015

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Do NOT buy this scanner!!!!



This model has NO Twain drivers! You cannot use this via redirected RDP. What a waste

Feb 2015

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Does NOT support Twain /ISIS


If you have to have Twain like we do, you must do the FI series..... but for a scanner this expensive it should already be supported.

Excellent scanner, very fast

Does not Support Twain or ISIS.... these are the most commonly required scanning protocols for importing directly into your app

Feb 2015

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Does what is supposed to and lasts for ever


if you have a particular program that requires TWAIN drivers, look at Fujitsu's other offerings. TWAIN is like printer drivers - the bane of tech support and never solid. This comes with a great software bundle that allows you to do so much. The last...

The bundled software allows you to do many things and do them well. Adobe Acrobat Standard - nice. Dual sided scanning with blank page removal. Wireless ; Scanner quality is top notch. I have 40 of these and the previous model on everyone's desk and I...

Not really a con, but just know that this does not have TWAIN drivers. It scans directly to various programs in .pdf or .jpg format. Which is really all you need in most situations

Feb 2015

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Fujitsu iX500


If all you are doing is scanning to a PDF or JPG file on your drive this will work. If you would like to use any other format TOUGH If you would like to use any Document management software TOUGH If you would like to use the INCLUDED Adobe software to...

Decent speed Scanner ; Decent Image Quality

No Driver support TWAIN / WIA / ISIS / KOFAX ; The Manufacture deliberatly did not create drivers for this document scanner to make it "easier for users" so if you have any software that you need to be able to scan to well TOUGH ; PDF or JPG support...

Jan 2015

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