Amazon Echo Auto (2018)

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My wife is practical. She always prefers to flip a switch or press a button, instead of asking Alexa or Google. And even though I'm the one who put a cheap smart speaker in every room of the house, I often have to agree: It's usually more reliable to...

Good Bluetooth adapter / speakerphone Can pick up voice commands over wind and music Makes music requests easy

Alexa is really dumb about location Doesn’t handle cellular handoffs well Car-friendly skills need an overhaul

Aug 2019

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Amazon Echo Auto review: Alexa, take me home


Amazon's move into your car was an inevitable step for Alexa and the idea of voice control. Third parties had already embraced the idea of Alexa in the car before Amazon even arrived at the same destination with the Echo Auto.

Great voice control Familiar Alexa experience Easy route to making your car smart

Adds little to modern cars Doesn't handle location well Relies on phone connection Visual cables may not appeal

A definite win for those wanting to make their car smarter, bringing the Alexa experience - ease of communication by voice, music streaming, navigation, and easy access to any other services you've hooked up via Alexa - directly into your car.

Jun 2020

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Amazon Echo Auto Review UK


If you use Alexa a lot at home, then putting her in your car can be useful. The Echo Auto is compatible with most cars and is ideal if yours is older.

Jul 2020

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Amazon Echo Auto review: Alexa just doesn't deliver as a co-pilot


The Amazon Echo Auto brings Alexa into your car, but it relies too much on your existing technology to be of much use.

Easy to set up and use ; Excellent microphone support

Doesn't work without a smartphone ; Functions mainly as an intermediary ; Bulky and bland industrial design

It won’t take long for the Echo Auto’s biggest issue to become apparent: It’s basically superfluous. Since you need to have a phone with you for it to work, it basically acts as a middledevice. It doesn’t do anything you can’t already do with your...

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Amazon Echo Auto review - take Alexa on the road and make your car smarter


75% VERDICT The Echo Auto is an ideal choice for customers who want to make their car smarter and easier to control with their voice to access music and content along with skills and numerous other features. And if you can't bear to leave Alexa behind....

Small and affordable ; Connects through your smartphone ; Can make your car smarter ; Includes all of Alexa's skills

Needs to be connected to a visible cable at all times ; Air vent mount won't work for all ; Newer cars make some features redundant

The Echo Auto is an ideal choice for customers who want to make their car smarter and easier to control with their voice to access music and content along with skills and numerous other features. And if you can’t bear to leave Alexa behind. The Echo...

Jul 2020

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Amazon Echo Auto review


Good to have home and car using the same devices.

Jul 2020

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That “Alexa in your car” gadget (Echo Auto) is available for pre-order now


Thanks to Amazon, we pretty much have Alexa everywhere around the house. Our Amazon Echo Show 8 is on the kitchen bench, Echo Show 5 in our main bedroom, Echo Dot 3rd Gen with Clock in the nursery room, and other Echo speakers like the Echo Studio...

Maj 2020

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Echo Auto review: Alexa listens to you in the car


Echo Auto review: Well, Echo Auto is a small device that does everything that other Echo devices do, but ideally plays back via the music system in your car. Echo Auto is different from other devices from Amazon, for this is the first Echo that works...

Jan 2020

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Echo Auto im Praxistest: Alexa wird zum Beifahrer


Echo Auto bringt Alexa ins Auto. Audioinhalte, Standortinfos und mehr lassen sich damit auf Zuruf anfordern. Wir haben das neue Gadget ausprobiert.

Alexa-Sprachsteuerung im Auto ; Einfache Installation ; Intuitiv bedienbar ; Gute Kommunikation trotz Fahrgeräuschen ; Praktisch alle Alexa-Skills nutzbar ; Standortbezogene Dienste ; Lüftungsschlitzhalterung und alle notwendigen Kabel im Lieferumfang

kein Akkubetrieb (Stromkabel im Armaturenbereich) ; Nutzbar nur in Verbindung mit Smartphone und aktivierter Internetverbindung ; hoher Preis

Echo Auto ist ein praktisches Werkzeug für jeden, der zuhause gern mit Alexa spricht und den Sprachdienst auch im Auto nutzen möchte.

Jul 2020

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Amazon Echo Auto: La versión de Echo para que tu carro tenga a Alexa


Lleva a Amazon Alexa a tu carro con el nuevo Amazon Echo Auto, que es simple, relativamente económico y no requiere de su propia conexión a Internet sino que usa la de tu celular.