Nintendo DSi

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Ekspertanmeldelse af : Darren Gladstone (

Nintendo DSi games console


The things we love - and hate - about Nintendo's new handheld mobile gamer

A slimmer, sleeker multimedia-minded Nintendo DS; two Webcams

Skimpy internal storage; only AAC music format supported

The Nintendo DSi is a slimmer, sleeker multimedia-minded Nintendo DS, with two webcams. But it has skimpy internal storage, and AAC is the only music format supported

Apr 2009

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Nintendo DSi


A slimmer, sleeker multimedia-minded Nintendo DS ; two Webcams

Skimpy internal storage ; only AAC music format supported

The Nintendo DSi is a slimmer, sleeker multimedia-minded Nintendo DS, with two webcams. But it has skimpy internal storage, and AAC is the only music format supported

Apr 2009

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Stuart Andrews (

Nintendo DSi Handheld Games Console


The DS Lite was the perfect evolution of the original DS, but does the DSi do enough to justify its price?

The major changes are three additions and one subtraction. The first you'll notice is the arrival of a lens pointing out of the top lid, indicating the presence of one of the DSi's two VGA cameras. You'll find the other when you open up the clamshell,...

Feb 2011

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Daniel S. Evans (

Nintendo DSi


The new Nintendo DSi portable game system ($169.99 list) follows Nintendo's new tack of making its consoles less about a given game and more about the overall playing experience. Other handheld gaming consoles, such as the Sony PSP focus on flashy...

Improved Wi-Fi access. Dual cameras. SD Card Slot

No Game Boy Advance slot. Small library of downloadable games

The New Nintendo DSi is a lot of fun, but, like the Nintendo Wii, it's not for the hardcore gamer.

Apr 2009

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Chris Kohler (

Review: Nintendo DSi


How many Nintendo DSes are cluttering up your house? Need another? Yes, you do: If you're a fan of the company's products, get ready to...

Downloading games is going to be awesome. Bigger screens and slightly longer stylus pen make for better gaming sessions. SD card slot

Can’t run games off the SD card slot. No more Game Boy Advance port. Web browser about as fast as a cement truck with four flat tires

Nov 2008

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Stuff magazine


Nintendo has revamped its portable gamer with a bunch of new multimedia features – but is it enough to nail the PSP?

Our fave portable is not getting any younger, but basic music and photo features will extend the format's lifespan

Maj 2009

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Adam Hartley (

Nintendo DSi review


Nintendo's latest is a refresh of the hugely popular DS Lite, but with downloadable content

Brighter screen ; Fingerprint-friendly matte finish ; Slimmer, with SD support ; Fun camera minigames ; Innovative new sound and music features

A refresh rather than a revamp ; Costly ; Limited battery-life on brightest screen setting

An exemplary refresh of a much-loved handheld gaming console

Apr 2009

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Alex Selth (

Nintendo DSi


Huge selection of great games. Larger screen than predecessors. Capable of playing AAC files. Slightly faster processing power. Nintendo DSi Sound program is great fun. Improved home screen menu.

Reduced battery life compared to older versions. No GBA cartridge slot. Costly.

While it may not be worth upgrading from a DS Lite, the DSi is a great little machine in its own unique ways.

Okt 2010

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Darren Gladstone (

Nintendo DSi review


Note to Nintendo: I'm going broke with all the different versions of your gaming handhelds. With this third iteration of the Nintendo DS (that's since December 2004), the Nintendo DSi tacks on a number of extra features while slimming down. It's a...

The Nintendo DSi is a slimmer, sleeker multimedia-minded Nintendo DS, with two webcams. But it has skimpy internal storage, and AAC is the only music format supported

Apr 2009

Ekspertanmeldelse af (

Best hand held game system


The Nintendo DSi tops most lists as the best hand held game system available. It's an update to the popular Nintendo DS Lite (*Est. $130), but with larger dual 3.25-inch screens, two cameras, an SD card slot and access to online game...

Dual 3.25-inch displays, online game downloads, two cameras, facebook integration

Internal storage of only 256 MB, not compatible with GameBoy Advance titles, graphics are average, shorter battery life than predecessors

Okt 2010

Product Specifications

The Nintendo DSi is the third model of the Nintendo DS platform, following Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite, and Nintendo has developed Nintendo DSi with the aim to further expand the Nintendo DS audience. Some typical functions include the ability to change the pitch and the speed separately by using the touch screen. The ability to freely manipulate the audio pitch and the speed can expand how the audio player can be used in more practical ways as well. You can fast-forward a podcast to economize the time. When you use the repeat-run function with the stylus, it becomes easier to copy the music, to play a musical instrument or to practice foreign languages. Also, since Nintendo DSi has a microphone, Nintendo is incorporating the DSi sound function to make use of it. Nintendo DSi has internal memory, just like Wii. After storing the data there, you can choose to activate this data from the menu screen.


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Display (Projektor)

Diagonal st:3.25tomme / 8.3cm
Diagonal størrelse:3.25tomme
Diagonal størrelse (metrisk):8.3cm
Teknologi:TFT aktiv matriks
Type:LCD display


Farve:Bl/Hvid/Metalbl / Metalblå/R/Sort


Type:4-vejs skiftetastatur



Mål og vægt



M:1.9cm / 13.7cm / 214g / 7.4cm


Antal pakker:1


Type:H / Nintendo DSi / Håndholdt spillekontrolenhed